White picks up first Sooner Late Model victory


By John Rittenoure - ADA, Okla. (July 15, 2017) - He signs in with the name Sloppy Hogg, but in real life Sloppy Hogg is Larry White and he was the first to see a white and checkered flag in Sooner Late Model Series action at Oklahoma Sports Park on Saturday.


White started sixth in the main event and raced his way to the front to win his first ever SLMS feature. The victory made up for tough luck here a year ago when he was disqualified for an illegal tire after running up front.


White picked up the victory on the Oklahoma Sports Park oval ahead of Steven Hawkins, defending champion Mark Harrison, Mark Brill and Dan Moreno who finished fifth.


Sooner Late Model Series

Oklahoma Sports Park

July 15, 2017

Car count: 16

Heat 1 (10 laps)
1, 81-Mark Harrison. 2, 36-Jason Redman. 3, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 4, 93-Eric Brill. 5, 29R-Ritchie Burcik. 6, 80-Jared Baird.

Heat 2 (10 laps)
1, 99J-Nate Jantz. 2, 64-Jay Sale. 3, 164-James Price. 4, 9-Arin Lawrence. 5, 4-Harlan Sale.

Heat 3 (10 laps)
1, 33-Steven Hawkins. 2, 95-Mark Brill. 3, 15-Wayne Bush. 4, 31-Sammy Wilson. 5, 24-Dan Moreno.

A Feature (25 laps)
1, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 2, 33-Steven Hawkins. 3, 81-Mark Harrison. 4, 95-Mark Brill. 5, 24-Dan Moreno. 6, 93-Eric Brill. 7, 80-Jared Baird. 8, 29R-Ritchie Burcik. 9, 31-Sammy Wilson. 10, 36-Jason Redman. 11, 9-Arin Lawrence. 12, 15-Wayne Bush. 13, 164-James Price. DNS: 4-Harlan Sale, 64-Jay Sale, 99J-Nate Jantz. (DNS).

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