Unusual circumstances help Ellis to first Sooner Late Model victory


By John Rittenoure and Hannah Carr - VAN BUREN, Ark. (July 3, 2017) - No one could have predicted the unusual outcome of Monday nights Sooner Late Model series feature at Crawford County Speedway. However, you won’t hear Logan Ellis complaining.


Ellis survived a lap two spin, then benefited from a late race altercation and the weather, to win his first career SLMS main event.


After two attempts at getting the race underway Jason Redman jumped out with the early lead. But with just two laps down Ellis gets into the wall to bring out the yellow. Ellis tags the rear for the restart and Redman resumes command chased by Brandon Mitchell.


Redman had opened up a half lap lead over Mitchell near the midway point then suddenly spins in turns 1-2. Redman is able to gather it up, but Mitchell and points leader Jay Sale are about to catch him when James Price spins to bring out another yellow. This allows Redman to retain his lead, but soon the yellow wave again, this time for Mitchell who finds the wall in turn two.


Once again Redman is setting the pace and is closely followed by Joseph Gorby, Jeff Roth and Jake Davis. Suddenly Redman gets into the wall in turn four and Sale finds himself with the lead. Sale and Gorby wage a short battle for the front spot, but Sale pulls away just before Gorby and Roth get together with two laps remaining to again stop the action. Gordy an Roth retire to the pits.


Sale charges to the high groove on the restart with Jake Davis running down low. Davis slides Sale coming off turn two and Sale drives the nose of his number 64 up under the tail end of Davis. The 7D driven by Davis was heavily damaged and Sale was black flagged. This put Ellis, who worked his way from the rear of the field, into the lead. But before the race could be restarted rain drops started to fall and track officials ask drivers for a thumbs up for two more laps. The reply was thumbs down and the race was ruled complete two laps short and under yellow.


Ellis was declared the victor with Mark Brill and Eric Brill finishing second and third. Price was fourth and Michael Foreman finished in fifth.


Sooner Late Model Series

Crawford County Speedway

July 3, 2017


Car count: 14


Heat 1 - 1, 64-Jay Sale. 2, 27-Brandon Mitchell. 3, 7D-Jake Davis. 4, 15-Wayne Bush. 5, 83-Michael Foreman. 6, 93-Eric Brill. 7, 7-Dustin Leatherman.


Heat 2 - 1, 36-Jason Redman. 2, 99-Joseph Gorby. 3, 14G-Joe Gosbey. 4, 14R-Jeff Roth. 5, 118-Logan Ellis. 6, 95-Mark Brill. 7, 164-James Price.


A Feature - 1, 118-Logan Ellis. 2, 95-Mark Brill. 3, 93-Eric Brill. 4, 164-James Price. 5, 83-Michael Foreman. 6, 99-Joseph Gorby. 7, 7D-Jake Davis. 8, 14R-Jeff Roth. 9, 36-Jason Redman. 10, 15-Wayne Bush. 11, 14G-Joe Gosbey. 12, 27-Brandon Mitchell. DNS: 7-Dustin Leatherman. DQ: 64-Jay Sale.

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