Hughes dominates Sooner Late Model opener at Red Dirt Raceway


By John Rittenoure, Meeker, Oklahoma (March 16, 2019) - Defending champion Kip Hughes picked up where he left off last season with a dominating performance in the Sooner Late Model Series season opener Saturday at Red Dirt Raceway.


Hughes started Saturday’s main event outside of pole sitter Damian Patochka but quickly shot into the lead only to have a yellow flag stop the action due to a spin between turns 3-4. A second lap one yellow waved after three cars tangled in the same spot as the previous delay.


The third green stayed out and Hughes quickly shot into the lead followed by Jason Redman. However, Redman soon had his hands full Patochka. The two swapped the runner-up position before Patochka took over for good on lap five as Redman came to a stop out of turn four to bring out another yellow.


On the restart Patochka chased after Hughes until the closing laps when Kyle Sweeney closed in. Sweeney took over second leading Patochka with third at the finish. Bobby McGehee and Steve Hawkins rounded out the top five.


Sooner Late Model Series

Red Dirt Raceway

March 16, 2019


Heat 1 - 1. Kip Hughes; 2. Damian Patochka; 3. Zach Nickell; 4. Kyle Sweeney; 5. Sammy Wilson; 6. Jim Harrison; DNS: John Somers.


Heat 2 - 1. Jason Redman; 2. Steve Hawkins; 3. Wayne Bush; 4. Eric Brill; 5. Bobby McGehee; 6. Nate Jantz; 7. Johnny Reed, Jr.


A Feature - 1. Kip Hughes; 2. Kyle Sweeney; 3. Damian Patockha; 4. Bobby McGehee; 5. Steve Hawkins; 6. Sammy Wilson; 7. John Somers; 8. Eric Brill; 9. Wayne Bush; 10. Johnny Reed, Jr.; 11. Jim Hardison; 12. Jason Redman; 13. Zach Nickell; 14. Nate Jantz.


Lap Leaders: Kip Hughes 1-20.











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