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Hughes shakes off hard luck to win Sooner late model main at Enid Speedway

by John Rittenoure - ENID, Okla. (April 3, 2021) - Hard luck has plagued Kip Hughes in the first two weeks of Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series action. In the season opener at Crawford County Speedway Hughes made contact with the turn two wall resulting in a DNF. The next weekend at Thunderbird did not race in night two of the multi-night event due to a needed part.

Saturday at Enid Speedway was back in his familiar form turning in a dominating performance at his home track early winning the 25-lap feature.

Eddie Tidwell jumped into the early followed by Jerry Winters, Gary Lowe and fifth starting Hughes and the first three laps. Hughes pulled alongside of Lowe down the front straightaway of lap three finally taking over the third spot on lap four. The four ran that way two more laps then a yellow flag waved for Richard Shepler who had slowed.

During the yellow Tidwell pulled off with smoke trailing his late model. Winters inherited the lead, however Hughes powered around him in turn three and raced into the lead. From that point on the race was essentially over. Hughes pulled away from the field and opened a large lead that would ended up with him lapping up to the fifth place car.

CWT Sooner Series points leader Hayden Ross passed Winters for second on lap 20 after the two waged a seven lap battle for the runner-up position. Ross got by for good when Winters went over the cushion in turn four.

Hughes saw his large lead wiped out when the yellow waved on the white flag lap. But Ross was no match for Hughes who easily pulled away for the victory. Ross was left with second with Winters holding on to third. Mike Roach and Adam Popup rounded out the top five.

AJ Brochu captured the B feature to lead eight transfer cars in the 25-lap finale. Brochu then worked his way from sixth row inside to finish sixth.

CWT Sooner Late Model Series Results

Enid Speedway

April 3, 2021

O’Reilly Auto Parts HEAT 1 (10 Laps)

1, 1-Eddie Tidwell. 2, 4-Kip Hughes. 3, 66-Hayden Ross. 4, 29S-Scott Donnell. 5, 14R-

Daniel Riley. 6, 3-Garrett Donnell. 7, 99-Brandon Givens. 8, 86A-Austin McKinney.

Central Well Testing HEAT 2 (10 Laps)

1, 47-Jerry Winters. 2, 11-Dustin Allen. 3, 33R-Mike Roach. 4, 84-Gary Kilbourn. 5, 22-

AJ Brochu. 6, 22A-Steve Blunk. 7, 36-Jason Redman. 8, 2027-Austin Sessions.

DesignOne Racewear HEAT 3 (10 Laps)

1, 229-Damian Patocka. 2, 88S-Richard Shepler. 3, 10-4-Adam Popp. 4, 57-Jerry Derr.

5, 15-Wayne Bush. 6, 96-John Herring. 7, 65-Eric Brill.

Central Well Testing HEAT 4 (10 Laps)

1, 5R-Kaleb Roach. 2, 81-Troy Bynum. 3, 31-Gary Lowe. 4, 47W-Roger Winters. 5, 55-

Zach Nickell. 6, 17-Colby Johnson. 7, 88K-Andrew Kunkle. (DNS).

B FEATURE (12 Laps)

1, 22-AJ Brochu. 2, 96-John Herring. 3, 57-Jerry Derr. 4, 3-Garrett Donnell. 5, 14R-

Daniel Riley. 6, 65-Eric Brill. 7, 99-Brandon Givens. 8, 17-Colby Johnson. 9, 29S-Scott

Donnell. 10, 15-Wayne Bush. 11, 47W-Roger Winters. 12, 22A-Steve Blunk. 13, 2027-

Austin Sessions. 14, 84-Gary Kilbourn. 15, 36-Jason Redman. (DNS). 16, 55-Zach

Nickell. (DNS). 17, 88K-Andrew Kunkle. (DNS). 18, 86A-Austin McKinney. (DNS).

Central Well Testing A FEATURE (25 Laps)

1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 66-Hayden Ross. 3, 47-Jerry Winters. 4, 33R-Mike Roach. 5, 10-4-

Adam Popp. 6, 22-AJ Brochu. 7, 5R-Kaleb Roach. 8, 229-Damian Patocka. 9, 65-Eric

Brill. 10, 11-Dustin Allen. 11, 31-Gary Lowe. 12, 99-Brandon Givens. 13, 17-Colby

Johnson. 14, 57-Jerry Derr. 15, 3-Garrett Donnell. 16, 81-Troy Bynum. 17, 1-Eddie

Tidwell. 18, 88S-Richard Shepler. 19, 96-John Herring. (DNS). 20, 14R-Daniel Riley.

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