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Hughes picks up Hutchinson Nationals Sooner Late Model victory

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by John Rittenoure - HUTCHINSON, Kans. (July 17, 2021) - Kip Hughes is probably glad Saturday’s Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series feature ended at 25 laps. The three-time defending champion started front row outside and raced to victory for the fifth time this season. However, had the race run much longer the outcome might have been different.

Hayden Ross started on the last row of the 20-car feature and put on an epic charge through the field. The series points leader needed to make up for a bad performance in heat race action on Friday and he did. Passing car after car, Ross advanced 19 positions on the Kansas State Fairgrounds half-mile and was behind Hughes in second as the checkered flag fell.

Ross was followed by Damian Patocka who advanced 10 positions to finish third. Kaleb Roach came from 18 spots back for fourth, Dusty Leonard was a victim of the battle up front and fell to fifth at the finish.

Saturday, July 26, the Sooner Late Models are invited to race in a non-point event at Enid Speedway. The next points race is back at Enid Speedway on August 7.

Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series Results

Hutchinson Grand Nationals

Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, Kans.

July 21, 2021

O’Reilly Auto Parts Heat 1 (10 laps) - 1. 7D-Dusty Leonard; 2. 92-Delbert Smith; 3. 81-Troy Bynum; 4. 92S-Daniel Smith; 5. 84-Gary Kilbourn; 6. 10-4-Adam Popp; 7. 88s-Richard Shepler; 8. 5R-Kaleb Roach.

Design One Racewear Heat 2 (10 laps) - 1. 55-Chris Kratzer; 2. 311-Adam Schrag; 3. 47-Chris Bratcher; 4. Mc2-Clint McFadden; 5. 15-Wayne Bush; 6. 03-Jeremy Bishop; 7. 66-Hayden Ross.

Complete Well Testing Heat 3 (10 laps) - 1. 4-Kip Hughes; 2. 00-Clay Julian; 3. 22-AJ Brochu; 4. 15F-Brad Fortney; 5. 229-Damian Patocka; 6. 31-Gary Lowe; 7. 134-Alan Blevins.

Complete Well Testing A Feature (25 laps) - 1. 4-Kip Hughes; 2. 66-Hayden Ross; 3. 229-Damian Patocka; 4. 5R-Kaleb Roach; 5. 7D-Dusty Leonard; 6. 92S-Daniel Smith; 7. 47-Chris Bratcher; 8. 15F-Brad Fortney; 9. 84-Gary Kilbourn; 10. 31-Gary Lowe; 11. 10-4-Adam Popp; 12. 22-A.J. Brochu; 13. 55-Chris Kratzer; 14. 00-Clay Julian; 15. 92-Delbert Smith; 16. 81-Troy Bynum; 17. 03-Jeremy Bishop; 18. 88S-Richard Shepler; 19. 15-Wayne Bush; 20. MC2-Clilnt McFadden. DNS: 134-Alan Blevins, 311-Adam Schrag.

About Complete Well Testing

Based in Oklahoma, Complete Well Testing is a family owned and operated company specializing in hydrostatic tubing testing and EMI tubing scanning.

About Sooner Late Model Series

The Sooner Late Model Series was formed in 2016 by Enid Speedway co-promoter Mark Brill. Brill felt there was not many opportunities for late model competitors to race in Oklahoma and the Sooner Late Model Series was formed. Now the series has grown beyond the borders of Oklahoma with events held in the neighboring states of Kansas, Texas and Arkansas as well.

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