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Despite issues Herring, Jr. battles to a pair of top five finishes

By John Rittenoure - (Maxx Ramsey photo)

TULSA, Okla. (July 8, 2024) - Jon Herring, Jr. has a history with Beaver County Raceway. It is where he started his racing career.

“This is actually the first place I have ever raced,” Herring said of the Beaver track. “It was 2011 I think or before that. I have run a lot of laps there. We like racing at Beaver because it is only 50 miles from home.”

It was evident on April 13 when Herring won his first career APEX Healthcare Partners main event at Beaver County Raceway. Last Friday the Sooner Series returned to the Beaver 3/8’s oval and Herring was looking poised for a repeat win leading the first eight laps. Then trouble set in.

“We had carburetor issues,” Herring said. “We stumbled, it would not take off on restarts. I felt like a sitting duck and when Kip (Hughes) passed me it relived a little bit of pressure as I was not the leader anymore.”

Despite his new carburetor stumbling Herring managed a fourth place finish. Hughes went on to victory.

“If we can get that lined out and one other problem we have had all year I think the car will be pretty good,” Herring said of his carburetor issues.

Saturday at Enid Speedway Herring appeared to be back on track where he finished third behind winner Eli Ross and Hughes who ran second.

Herring now has a couple of weeks off before the Sooner Series returns to action on July 20 at Longdale Speedway.

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