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Burford doubles up with Sooner Late Model victory at Route 66 Motor Speedway

Photo by Sara Foster, Story by John Rittenoure - AMARILLO, Texas (May 7, 2022) - It took a little longer to take the lead on Saturday at Route 66 Motor Speedway, but Jamie Burford was not to be denied as he won the Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series vs. Southern Touring late Model Series feature for the second straight night.

Burford led all 30 laps at West Texas Raceway on Friday. Saturday it took 10 laps to drive into the lead. Starting in 6th due to the redraw, Burford worked his way to second as pole sitter Austin Theiss set the pace. On lap 11 Theiss went high and off the backstretch and Burford drove underneath to take the lead.

Burford led the remaining 19 laps for the victory. Corey Neil, Jr. finished 1.477 seconds behind in second followed by Philip Houston, Mike Fenton and Kerney Weaver in third through fifth.

Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series

Route 66 Motor Speedway, Amarillo, Texas

May 7, 2022

Complete Well Testing A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 19A-Jamie Burford[6]; 2. 7DBLUE-Corey Neil Jr[4]; 3. 71-Philip Houston[11]; 4. 118-Mike Fenton[2]; 5. 23-Kerney Weaver[7]; 6. 55-Zach NIckell[3]; 7. 53X-Matt Fox[8]; 8. 6L-Kevin Lueck[13]; 9. 66-Hayden Ross[5]; 10. 7D-Austin Theiss[1]; 11. 51-Eddie Martin[9]; 12. 88S-Richard Shepler[12]; 13. 1-Eddie Tidwell[14]; 14. 407D-Neil Manchester[10]

O’Reilly Auto Parts Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 66-Hayden Ross[2]; 2. 19A-Jamie Burford[5]; 3. 7DBLUE-Corey Neil Jr[4]; 4. 23-Kerney Weaver[3]; 5. 51-Eddie Martin[6]; 6. 71-Philip Houston[7]; 7. 6L-Kevin Lueck[1]

DesignOne Racewear Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 7D-Austin Theiss[3]; 2. 118-Mike Fenton[2]; 3. 55-Zach NIckell[7]; 4. 53X-Matt Fox[4]; 5. 407D-Neil Manchester[6]; 6. 88S-Richard Shepler[1]; 7. (DNS) 1-Eddie Tidwell

Lap Leaders: Austin Theiss 1-10, Jamie Burford 11-30. Margin of victory: 1.447.

Top 10 Standings: 1. Hayden Ross 3605; 2. Kerney Weaver 2970; 3. Kip Hughes 2550; 4. Troy Bynum 2445; 5. Kaleb Roach 2275; 6. Eddie Martin 2240; 7. Richard Shepler 1830; 8. Brett Hansen 1820; 9. Eddie Tidwell 1545; 10. Eric Brill 1520.

2022 Winners: 3/25 - Hayden Ross (Thunderbird Speedway); 3/26 - Brett Hansen (Thunderbird Speedway). 4/2 - Brett Hansen (Enid Speedway); 4/15 - Hayden Ross (Thunderbird Speedway); 4/22 - Kip Hughes (Thunderbird Speedway); 4/23 - Hayden Ross (Oklahoma Sports Park); 5/6 - Jamie Burford (West Texas Raceway); 5/7 - Jamie Burford (Route 66 Motor Speedway).

About Complete Well Testing

Based in Oklahoma, Complete Well Testing is a family owned and operated company specializing in hydrostatic tubing testing and EMI tubing scanning.

About Sooner Late Model Series

The Sooner Late Model Series was formed in 2016 by Enid Speedway co-promoter Mark Brill. Brill felt there was not many opportunities for late model competitors to race in Oklahoma and the Sooner Late Model Series was formed. Now the series has grown beyond the borders of Oklahoma with events held in the neighboring states of Kansas, Texas and Arkansas as well.

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