Hughes wins season opener at Southern Oklahoma Speedway



ARDMORE, Okla. (April 15, 2016) - The Sooner Late Model Series threw the green flag on its inaugural season Friday with a 22-car field at Southern Oklahoma Speedway and Kip Hughes will be remembered for winning the inaugural main event.

Hughes earned the right to start on the pole by accumulating the most passing points then used it to his advantage to lead start-to-finish. 

“We started on the pole and I just beat them into (turn) one, get up on the top and go,” Hughes said of his move into the lead.”

Hughes was pressured by Shannon Scott throughout the race and had to survive several restarts along the way.

“Shannon Scott was behind me and on a couple of restarts he would do a slide job across the bottom,” Hughes recalled.  “A couple of times he had me cleared and I had to cross over and get him back on the other end. It made it fun.” 

Hughes had to contend with lapped traffic late in the race but the track surface was to his liking.

“It was slicked off with a little bit of moisture up on top,” Hughes said. “That is my kind of deal. I like to get up there and hammer down.”

The next SLMS event in April 30 at Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada and Hughes looks forward to that race and the future of the series. 

“I think it is going to be awesome,” Hughes said of the future of the SLMS. “Twenty-two cars in the first race is hard to come by. That made me excited about it. I was hoping to see 15 but to get 22 was great.”


Sooner Late Model Series

Southern Oklahoma Speedway

April 15, 2016


Car Count: 22


Heat 1 - 1, Jay Sale; 2. Gary Lowe; 3. Dalton Ragsdale; 4. David Hennan; 5. Randy Jones; 6. Harlen Sale; 7. Chris Hayes.


Heat 2 - 1, Nate Jantz; 2. Phil Miller; 3, T.J. Sale; 4, Eddie Martin; 5. Mark Brill; 6. Wayne Bush; 7, Damian Patoka.


Heat 3 - 1, Kip Hughes; 2, Shannon Scott; 3, Mark Harrison; 4, Sloppy Hogg; 5, Johnny Reed; 6, Eric Brill; 7, Darin Busch; 8, David Moore.


A Feature - 1, Kip Hughes; 2, Shannon Scott; 3, Dalton Ragsdale; 4, Eddie Martin; 5, Mark Harrison; 6, Sloppy Hogg; 7, David Kennan; 8, Damian Patoka; 9, Phil Miller; 10, Nate Jantz; 11, Wayne Bush; 12, Gary Lowe; 13, Johnny Reed; 14, Darin Busch; 15, T.J. Sale; 16, Chris Hayes; 17, Jay Sale; 18, Eric Brill; 19, David Moore; 20, Harlen Sale; 21, Mark Brill; 22, Rowdy Jones. 


Lap Leaders: Kip Hughes, 1-20.



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