Gemmill sweeps Sooner modified show at Enid


By John Rittenoure, ENID, Okla. (September 9, 2017) - Keeping up with Brandon Gemmill was a problem none of the other 21 Sooner Modified Series competitors could solve on Saturday at Enid Speedway. Gemmill started on the pole of the 20-lap feature and went the distance to post his first Sooner Series victory. 


Gemmill earned his pole starting starting position by virtue of passing points earned in the second heat race. The Ponca City native came from 7th starting position to win the 8-lap heat amassing the most passing points of the night. 


In the feature Gemmill was chased for the first two laps by Tulsan Chad Davis before Davis gave way to Cole Traugott who won the last time the modified visited Enid on July 8. 


The trio set a quick pace around the 3/8’s mile oval however Dustin Allen was able to work his way into the mix passing Davis for third on lap 10 only fall out a lap later. Travis Johnson got around Davis after the restart for third but Davis got back by to reclaim third. 


Gemmill continued to led the pack unchallenged to win over Traugott. Davis held onto third while Johnson settled for fourth. 


Sooner Modified Series

Enid Speedway

September 9, 2017


Car count: 22

HEAT 1 (8 laps)

1, Chad Davis. 2, Logan Macy. 3, JD Choate. 4, Bryan Root. 5, Bobby McGehee. 6, Jason Gerhard. 7, Broady Robe. DNS: Jay Sale.

HEAT 2 (8 laps)

1, Brandon Gemmill. 2, Jon Herring, Jr.. 3, Dustin Allen. 4, Marc Hurd. 5, Chris Cary. 6, Kirby Robe. 7, Dustin Choak. 

HEAT 3 (8 laps)

1, Cole Traugott. 2, Travis Johnson. 3, Jason Martin. 4, Matt Martin. 5, Kyle Goforth. 6, Cam Case. 7, Milt David. 

A FEATURE (20 laps)

1, Brandon Gemmill. 2, Cole Traugott. 3, Chad Davis. 4, Travis Johnson. 5, JD Choate. 6, Marc Hurd. 7, Kirby Robe. 8, Bryan Root. 9, Jon Herring, Jr. 10, Kyle Goforth. 11, Jason Martin. 12, Logan Macy. 13, Bobby McGehee. 14, Dustin Allen. 15, Milt David. 16, Chris Cary. 17, Cam Case. 18, Matt Martin. 19, Dustin Choak. 20, Jason Gerhard. DNS: Broady Robe, Jay Sale. 


Lap Leaders: Brandon Gemmill 1-20.

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