Traugott sweeps Sooner Modifieds at Enid

By John Rittenoure - ENID, Okla. (July 8, 2017) - Cole Traugott had little trouble adapting to the competition on Saturday at Enid Speedway sweeping the Sooner Series Modified division despite a 28-car field on hand.


Traugott won the second heat then drove off the inside front row in the main event to an early lead. Travis Johnson, who finished third behind Traugott in the fourth heat, jumped out front early and Johnson quickly moved into second. Johnson stayed close behind but could not get around Traugott and finished second. Tanner Mullens finished third after starting on the pole and Greg Burt, who finished second to Traugott in the heat, finished fourth. It was the second top five finish at Enid for Burt. Brandon Gemmill was fifth.


Logan Macy led Kirby Robe, Barry Schievink and Kyle Goforth in the B main. All four transferred into the A feature. Macy worked his way from 17th starting to finish 11th.



Sooner Modified Results

Enid Speedway

July 8, 2017


Car count: 28 


1, Jon Herring, Jr.. 2, Kevin Newell. 3, Matt Martin. 4, Bud Longpine. 5, Kirby

Robe. 6, Jason Martin. 7, Jeremy Green.


1, Brandon Gemmill. 2, Tanner Mullens. 3, Cam Case. 4, Tanner Black. 5,

Logan Macy. 6, Barry Schievink. 7, Dustin Chock.


1, Jake O’Neal. 2, Marc Hurd. 3, Broady Robe. 4, Kyle Goforth. 5, JD Choate. 6,

Jeremy Hamen. 7, John Gray.


1, Cole Traugott. 2, Greg Burt. 3, Travis Johnson. 4, Dustin Allen. 5, Jay Arnold.

 6, Edward Leecy. 7, Bobby McGehee



1, Logan Macy. 2, Kirby Robe. 3, Barry Schievink. 4, Kyle Goforth. 5, Jason

Martin. 6, Bobby McGehee. 7, JD Choate. 8, John Gray. 9, Jeremy Hamen. 10,

Jeremy Green. DNS: Edward Leecy, Dustin Chock.


1, Cole Traugott. 2, Travis Johnson. 3, Tanner Mullens. 4, Greg Burt. 5,

Brandon Gemmill. 6, Jon Herring, Jr.. 7, Dustin Allen. 8, Marc Hurd. 9, Cam

Case. 10, Jay Arnold. 11, Logan Macy. 12, Tanner Black. 13, Kirby Robe. 14,

Barry Schievink. 15, Broady Robe. 16, Bud Longpine. 17, Matt Martin. 18, Kevin

 Newell. 19, Kyle Goforth. 20, Jake O’Neal.

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