Hughes races to fifth Sooner Series victory


By John Rittenoure, WICHITA FALLS, Texas (August 2, 2019) - Kip Hughes protected his Sooner Late Model Series points lead by racing to victory in the 25-lap main event Friday at Monarch Motor Speedway. 


Hughes started on the pole and used it to his advantage picking up his fifth win of the season. Hughes was chased to the finish by points runner-up, Damian Patocka, who won for the first time last week at Enid Speedway. Jason Redman held down third followed by Kyle Sweeney and Sloppy Hogg in fourth and fifth. 



Sooner Late Model Series

Monarch Motor Speedway

August 2, 2019


Heat 1 (10 Laps)

1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 95-Mark Brill. 3, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 4, 15-Wayne Bush. 5, ZZX-Kara Langley. 6, 210-Phil Sager. 7, 19-John Somers. 


Heat 2 (10 Laps)

1, 229-Damian Patochka. 2, 33-Steve Hawkins. 3, 36-Jason Redman. 4, 99-Nate Jantz. 5, 21-Kyle Sweeney. 6, 10B-Steven Dutton. 7, 1-Eddie Tidwell. (DNS). 


A FEATURE  (25 Laps)

1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 229-Damian Patochka. 3, 36-Jason Redman. 4, 21-Kyle Sweeney. 5, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 6, 95-Mark Brill. 7, ZZX-Kara Langley. 8, 19-John Somers. 9, 210-Phil Sager. 10, 33-Steve Hawkins. 11, 1-Eddie Tidwell. 12, 15-Wayne Bush. 13, 99-Nate Jantz. 14, 10B-Steven Dutton. (DNS).


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