Johnson wins NCRA vs. Sooner Late Model Series challenge at Enid Speedway


By John Rittenoure, ENID, Oklahoma (June 1, 2019) - Travis Johnson turned back a late race challenge from Daniel Smith to win the co-sanctioned Sooner Late Model vs. NCRA late model main event Saturday at Enid Speedway.


Johnson started inside second row and chased pole sitter Damian Patocka for the first two laps. On lap three Johnson was able to power into the lead passing Patocka on the backstretch of the 3/8’s mile oval.


Smith worked his way past Patocka for second on lap four and set out after Johnson. Chris Kratzer, who started seventh, passed Patocka for third on lap seven and Johnson led the trio until the yellow waved on lap 14 for Zach Nickell who stalled coming out of turn four. Johnson continued his pace after the restart with lapped traffic coming into play late in the race. Smith pulled alongside of Johnson in traffic on lap 22, but Johnson gunned back into the lead.


Johnson held his lead to pick up his first victory over Smith and Kratzer. Delbert Smith and Sooner Series points leader Kip Hughes rounded out the top five.


Sooner Late Model Series

Enid Speedway

June 1, 2019


Heat 1 (10 laps)

1, 92S-Daniel Smith. 2, 229-Damian Patocka. 3, 19-John Somers. 4, 88S-Richard Shepler. 5, 84-Gary Kilbourn. 6, 7S-Phil Sager. 7, 15-Wayne Bush. 8, 7D-Dusty Leonard.

Heat 2 (10 laps)

1, 86J-Travis Johnson. 2, 03-Jeremy Bishop. 3, 7C-Jimmy Segraves. 4, 42R-Ross McCartney. 5, 47-Jerry Winters. 6, 18-Tony Foster. 7, 12-Cory Green. 8, 77L-David Lane.

Heat 3 (10 laps)

1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 50-David Young. 3, 55X-Chris Kratzer. 4, 92-Delbert Smith. 5, 2G-Brandon Givens. 6, 199-Adam Schrag. 7, 33-Steven Hawkins. 8, 18A-Jason Anderson. 9, 55-Zach Nickell.

B Feature (12 laps, top 8 transfer)

1, 2G-Brandon Givens. 2, 199-Adam Schrag. 3, 12-Cory Green. 4, 84-Gary Kilbourn. 5, 47-Jerry Winters.6, 33-Steven Hawkins. 7, 15-Wayne Bush. 8, 55-Zach Nickell. 9, 18-Tony Foster. 10, 18A-Jason Anderson. 11, 77L-David Lane. 12, 7S-Phil Sager. 13, 7D-Dusty Leonard. (DNS).

A Feature (25 laps)​

1, 86J-Travis Johnson. 2, 92S-Daniel Smith. 3, 55X-Chris Kratzer. 4, 92-Delbert Smith. 5, 4-Kip Hughes. 6, 42R-Ross McCartney. 7, 7C-Jimmy Segraves. 8, 199-Adam Schrag. 9, 03-Jeremy Bishop. 10, 2G-Brandon Givens. 11, 15-Wayne Bush. 12, 55-Zach Nickell. 13, 19-John Somers. 14, 33-Steven Hawkins. 15, 84-Gary Kilbourn. 16, 47-Jerry Winters. 17, 229-Damian Patocka. 18, 50-David Young. 19, 12-Cory Green. 20, 88S-Richard Shepler. (DNS).









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